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Swollen Feet Skin Care Range

Swollen feet and legs can be caused due to a variety of medical conditions including varicose veins and poor circulation or from side effects of medication.

Gehwol foot and leg balm are formulated to help decongest and soothes tired, swollen feet inflamed by walking, heat or tight shoes.

If there is a question of diabetes or vascular problems, referral to a HCPC Registered Chiropodist / Podiatrist or family doctor is recommended.

Swollen Hot Feet -  Gehwol Refreshing Foot Cream

Foot Cream - Gentle refreshing and cooling balm.

Asian mint oil and its components menthol and menthyl acetate have a stimulating effect on the cold sensitive nerve endings of the skin, generating a lasting fresh, cool sensation.

Product Code 23705 75ml ONLY £6.95

Swollen Dry Skin - Gehwol ‘Mint’ Foot Cream

Foot Cream - Cooling mint lotion.

Leaves your feet feeling fresh and fit. It combines the invigorating ice cool freshness of the cooling mint lotion, from Asian medicinal plant oils with the gentle caring effectiveness of a rapidly absorbed balm.

Product Code 10405   75ml ONLY £6.95

Product Code 10407 125ml ONLY £8.95

Swollen Dry & Itchy Legs - Gehwol Leg Balm

Leg Balm - Gehwol leg balm is a gentle non-greasy herbal balm specially prepared to care for the legs.

When used regularly it reduces the occurrence of dry skin, skin impurities, discolouration and premature ageing of the skin.

Product Code 24307 125ml ONLY £8.95

Leg Balsam - Makes tired legs refreshed, revitalised and smooth.

A skin balsam for fastidious daily treatment of legs and feet. Leg vitality blends in quickly, is non-greasy, pleasantly refreshing and gives a beautiful, smooth healthy skin.

Product Code 11107 125ml ONLY £8.95

Swollen Tired Legs - Gehwol Leg Vitality Balsam

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Copyright © 2017 www.FootTechnology.co.uk

Swollen Feet/Legs Treatments 75ml   £6.95
Gehwol Skincare Products 125ml £8.95
Gehwol Skincare Products 125ml £8.95
125ml £8.95