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Poor Circulation Skin Care Range

Poor circulation is a common condition mainly affecting middle-aged to elderly people and especially those who smoke.

Another cause is hardening of the arteries  -  the arteries narrow due to these same fatty deposits.

Additionally, poor circulation can result from varicose veins that develop because of a loss of elasticity if the walls of the veins.

Gehwol Red foot cream is a warming balm with invigorating camphor, extracts of paprika.

Cold Feet- Gehwol ‘Red’ Foot Cream

Foot Cream - Light emollient cream.

A warming balm - revives tired, worn out, aching feet.  Invigorating camphor, extracts of paprika and ginger as well as essential oils of rosemary and mountain pine impart a pleasant feeling of warmth.

Product Code 11405   75ml ONLY £6.95

Product Code 10307 125ml ONLY £8.95

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Copyright © 2017 www.FootTechnology.co.uk

Poor Circulation Treatments 125ml £8.95