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Gehwol Foot and Leg Skin Care Range

Gehwol preparations have been specifically designed for invigorating the skin in the feet and legs.

The comprehensive foot and leg care range contain combinations of selected natural, herbal substances and are recognised as being highly effective. Their ingredients include essential oils of lavender, mountain pine, rosemary, glycerine, avocado oil, sea buck oil, algea extract, urea, allantoin, Bisabolol, natural menthol and the skin vitamin Panthenol.

125ml £8.95
125ml £8.95
125ml £8.95
75ml   £6.95
75ml   £6.95
75ml   £6.95
75ml   £6.95
125ml £8.95
100gm £5.95
400gm £10.95
Gehwol Skincare Products 125ml £8.95
125ml £8.95
Gehwol Skincare Products 125ml £8.95
Gehwol Med Salve Foot Cream 125ml £8.95

Dry Skin - Gehwol ‘Blue’ Foot Cream

Foot Cream - Rich emollient cream.

Balm containing lanolin for the daily foot care of dry,

rough or cracked skin. Makes the skin elastic and supple. Dermatologically Tested.

Product Code 11205   75ml ONLY £6.95

Product Code 11207 125ml ONLY £8.95

Flaky Skin - Gehwol Lipedro Foot Cream

Foot Cream - Caring ointment for itchy, rough

and flaking skin.

The ingredients help to combat dry skin by softening, dissolving and removing flakes as well as relieving itchiness. Lipedro cream is suitable for diabetic use.

Product Code 12901   75ml ONLY £6.95

Product Code 12903 125ml ONLY £8.95

Sweaty Skin - Gehwol ‘Green’ Foot Cream

Foot Cream - Light emollient cream.

Refreshing balm to fortify the feet. For tired, strained and aching feet. Perspiration is normalised and sweat decomposition is prevented. The feet are fresh, odourless and supple.

Product Code 11005   75ml ONLY £6.95

Product Code 10107 125ml ONLY £8.95

Sweaty Skin - Gehwol Deodorant Foot Cream

Foot Cream - Deodorant foot cream

Contains manuka oil and activated zinc oxide for long lasting elimination of strong foot odour. When used regularly, the mildly emollient cream gives you

odourless feet, protection from fungal infection.

Product Code 40705 75ml ONLY £6.95

Sweaty Skin - Gehwol Deodorant Atomizer Spray

Foot Pump Spray - Invigorating, refreshing, long lasting foot deodorant.

Contains natural Rosemary and Lavender oils in a well balanced combination with camomile, menthol and the skin vitamin Panthenol. Disinfects and effective against various skin and nail conditions.

Product Code 23808 150ml ONLY £7.95

Sweaty Skin - Gehwol Deodorant Foot Powder

Foot Powder - Special dusting powder with disinfecting Gehwol active ingredients on a

strongly absorbent basis.

Keeps feet dry, supple and odourless with a clean and fresh fragrance. Use for itchy feet.

Product Code 24806 100gm ONLY £5.95

Callused Skin - Gehwol Herbal Foot Bath

Herbal Foot Bath - Herbal foot bath is extremely suitable for rough, cracked, callused skin on the feet.

It has an intensive cleansing and deodorising action. Perspiration is normalised and unpleasant foot odour is eliminated.

Product Code 60105 400gm ONLY £10.95

Walkers & Runners Feet - Gehwol Foot Cream

Foot Cream - Prevents chalfing and blisters caused by walking.

Gehwol foot cream protects and helps to prevent sores, blisters and chafing. In addition to these properties it can help reduce sweating and foot odour.

Product Code 30400 75ml ONLY £6.95

Universal Foot Cream - Foot Cream Extra

Foot Cream - Universal foot cream with broad spectrum efficacy, for daily intensive care.

Gehwol foot cream extra protects against sore feet, athlete's foot, foot odour, calluses, sores and blisters, and makes dry and rough skin smooth.  

Product Code 30450 75ml ONLY £6.95

Cold Feet - Gehwol ‘Red’ Foot Cream

Foot Cream - Light emollient cream.

A warming balm - revives tired, worn out, aching feet.  Invigorating camphor, extracts of paprika and ginger as well as essential oils of rosemary and mountain pine impart a pleasant feeling of warmth.

Product Code 11405   75ml ONLY £6.95

Product Code 10307 125ml ONLY £8.95

Cracked Skin - Gehwol Fusskraft Med Salve

Foot Cream - Caring ointment for excessively dry, hard, rough and cracked skin.

This cream contains essential oils, the skin vitamin panthenol and bisabolol which helps prevent cracks,

skin reddening and related conditions.

Product Code 40105   75ml ONLY £6.95

Product Code 49205 125ml ONLY £8.95

Dry Skin - Gehwol ‘Mint’ Foot Cream

Foot Cream - Cooling mint lotion.

Leaves your feet feeling fresh and fit. It combines the invigorating ice cool freshness of the cooling mint lotion, from Asian medicinal plant oils with the gentle caring effectiveness of a rapidly absorbed balm.

Product Code 10405   75ml ONLY £6.95

Product Code 10407 125ml ONLY £8.95

Hot Feet - Gehwol Refreshing Foot Cream

Foot Cream - Gentle refreshing and cooling balm.

Asian mint oil and its components menthol and menthyl acetate have a stimulating effect on the cold sensitive nerve endings of the skin, generating a lasting fresh, cool sensation.

Product Code 23705 75ml ONLY £6.95

Dry & Itchy Legs - Gehwol Leg Balm

Leg Balm - Gehwol leg balm is a gentle non-greasy herbal balm specially prepared to care for the legs.

When used regularly it reduces the occurrence of dry skin, skin impurities, discolouration and premature ageing of the skin.

Product Code 24307 125ml ONLY £8.95

Leg Balsam - Makes tired legs refreshed, revitalised and smooth.

A skin balsam for fastidious daily treatment of legs and feet. Leg vitality blends in quickly, is non-greasy, pleasantly refreshing and gives a beautiful, smooth healthy skin.

Product Code 11107 125ml ONLY £8.95

Tired Legs - Gehwol Leg Vitality Balsam

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150ml £7.95
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