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Foot Odour Skin Care Range

Smelly feet are caused when bacteria break down the surface of the skin and this is particularly visible around the toes and on weight bearing areas and appears as multiple superficial pits.

The wearing of shoes that have synthetic materials, especially trainer shoes also socks that are of man made fabric are contributing factors of the production of excessive perspiration and the bacteria growth that causes this condition. These two problems can lead to athletes foot (Fungal infections) and bacterial infections.

Foot Odour - Gehwol ‘Green’ Foot Cream

Foot Cream - Light emollient cream.

Refreshing balm to fortify the feet. For tired, strained and aching feet. Perspiration is normalised and sweat decomposition is prevented. The feet are fresh, odourless and supple.

Product Code 11005   75ml ONLY £6.95

Product Code 10107 125ml ONLY £8.95

Foot Odour - Gehwol Deodorant Foot Cream

Foot Cream - Deodorant foot cream

Contains manuka oil and activated zinc oxide for long lasting elimination of strong foot odour. When used regularly, the mildly emollient cream gives you

odourless feet, protection from fungal infection.

Product Code 40705 75ml ONLY £6.95

Foot Odour - Gehwol Deodorant Atomizer Spray

Foot Pump Spray - Invigorating, refreshing, long lasting foot deodorant.

Contains natural Rosemary and Lavender oils in a well balanced combination with camomile, menthol and the skin vitamin Panthenol. Disinfects and effective against various skin and nail conditions.

Product Code 23808 150ml ONLY £7.95

Foot Odour - Gehwol Deodorant Foot Powder

Foot Powder - Special dusting powder with disinfecting Gehwol active ingredients on a

strongly absorbent basis.

Keeps feet dry, supple and odourless with a clean and fresh fragrance. Use for itchy feet.

Product Code 24806 100gm ONLY £5.95

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Copyright © 2017 www.FootTechnology.co.uk

Foot Odour Treatments 125ml £8.95
75ml   £6.95
150ml £7.95
100gm £5.95