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Broken Toenail Range

Broken toenails usually arise from trauma to the nail. Gehwol compound nail glue in conjunction with our nail care instruments can be used to treat the condition effectively.

Our range of high quality stainless steel foot and nail care tools includes: nail nippers, nail scissors, nail clippers, diamond deb nail files, ingrown toenail ‘blacks’ files and nail probes.

The range are all steralizable and used by professional Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

Cracked Nails - Gehwol Nail Compound Glue

Nail Compound - Glue for repairing broken or cracked toenails and fingernails.

Gehwol nail compound is used to treat torn and ingrown nails, nail wall and nails with fungal infections. It protects against recurring attacks of nail fungus and against inflammation. Permanently elastic and can be coated with nail varnish.

Product Code 25201 15ml ONLY £9.95

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Copyright © 2017 www.FootTechnology.co.uk

Broken/Split Toenail Treatments